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Do you face any of these issues?

Is A System That Answers All These Questions


The Pleasure of Your Company (POYC) was created by Live Oak Institute, a leading culture change pioneer. It enables the Activity Director to involve everyone in the home in providing customized programming to your home's most isolated residents. 


"With all the cuts in Medicare and Medicaid funding, nursing homes are
going to have to do more with less in order to stay in compliance."

  • The varied one-to-one activities result in a happier, more joyful home.
  • The Pleasure of Your Company is good for the residents, staff morale and the home's bottom line.
  • The Pleasure of Your Company supports compliance with recent activity guidelines and grows culture change within the home.
  • The Pleasure of Your Company is a cost effective investment that improves your homes competitive edge in the marketplace.

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Debby and Barry Barkan

Live Oak Institute


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The Pleasure of Your Company concept, website, and marketing materials were developed with the generous support of the Hulda B. & Maurice L. Rothschild Foundation; committed to person-centered care across the healthcare continuum.


Thanks to the staff and residents of Alameda Elder Communities for allowing us to photograph their room visits.